Honour and Oaths

Only ever take an Oath that is administered to you on your full belief that you know what you are doing is true and honourable, else not knowing as truth, the content of the book you choose to afirm your Oath with, is immediately placing yourself in dishonour of the good you wish to serve.

By the wrong use of the most majestic spell of good contained within the Holy Bible you immediately deceive yourself.

Many people make this mistake in way of vanity, as they wish to appear to fit in amongst their peers.

Job 15:31 KJV

King James Version

Let not him that is deceived trust in vanity: for vanity shall be his recompence.

Conduct your life honourably, or face the consequences.

“We are all equal in Law

12 03 12 Letter from Leeds Magistrates declaring no jurisdiction

Reply from the Leeds Magistrates Courts with regard to the Notice of Fault and Opportunity to cure, stating that they have no jurisdiction, this was expected, but a necessary measure to demonstrate that the Jarvis family have not been dealt with in the correct way and that there has been a mistrial and a fraud that has taken place, at the very least, with Leeds City Council being the accused of the said crimes.

Statutory Declaration

On the 5th of March 2012 a Statutory Declaration was created, sworn on the Holy Bible before a Commissioner of Oaths, then duly served on Sir Norman Bettison, the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police, Tom Riordan, the Chief Executive Officer of Leeds City Council, the Leeds County Court and Leeds Magistrates Court.

Ten days were given for any dispute or rebuttal.