A Mandatory Order to direct Leeds City Council to follow the law

Jarvis and others are seeking a Mandatory Order from the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court of Justice at the Royal Courts of Justice.

The claim has been sealed by the court, the defendants have been served with the court approved documents and the claim is now active.

A Mandatory Order is also known by another name, the writ of Mandamus. This is a common law claim.

Mandamus (“We command”) is a judicial remedy in the form of an order from a superior court, to any government subordinate court, corporation, or public authorityto do (or forbear from doing) some specific act which that body is obliged under law to do (or refrain from doing)—and which is in the nature of public duty, and in certain cases one of a statutory duty. It cannot be issued to compel an authority to do something against statutory provision.

The claim is simple in that Leeds City Council have not followed the law by enforcing tenancy contracts with equality.

If you support us in this claim, you support every law abiding man and woman in the country as this claim may set the precedent that others may make claims of a similar nature, to hold those in authority to account for their wrong doing and inaction.


“Leeds City Council an Authority of Inequality”

A writ is being sought before the Royal Courts of Justice to order and direct Leeds City Council to follow the law.

The case is simple and straightforward in that multiple examples may be brought before the Court to show that when it comes to acting as a local authority Leeds City Council has failed in its duty of care.

Recently the Chief Executive of Leeds City Council Tom Riordan said: “Sometimes we don’t get things right and we need to acknowledge that.” after the Council sought an injunction and failed to prevent a public interest news story being published exposing failures. http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/transparency-vow-after-u-turn-on-leeds-councillors-tax-arrears-1-8329541

It is understood that there are tens of thousands of people on the housing waiting list in Leeds alone, people desperate and in need, whilst on the flip side there may be people in social housing who are simply abusing the system whilst Leeds City Council turn the blind eye provided that rent accounts are up to date.

There is no real deterrent in place for tenancy contract breakers and there has become a growing culture of tenants terrorising other tenants in social housing.

Leeds City Council recognises this by instructing tenants to call the Police in, but then the Council fails to enforce the publically available tenancy contract (available here http://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Tenancy%20Agreement%20Jan%202014.pdf ) with regard to the criminality that has been reported making certain Council estates unsafe places for people to reside.

Equality before the law is both mandatory and paramount. Legal Maxim

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Why I demand an apology from Leeds City Council by Chris Jarvis

Many years ago I separated from my wife with whom I have three children who remained in her care. She remarried had three more children and became the subject of a social services investigation with regard to the care of the six children.

I was residing at the time of the social services intervention in East Yorkshire and had very limited contact with the children due to them being used as weapons against me, with my ex-wife making offers to rent or sell them to me. I did of course refuse, believing that my children in Leeds were not in any real danger, but I was wrong, all six children were being abused, mine especially so, in what I can only believe was down to my refusal to meet with my ex-wife’s unrealistic demands.

Social services left the children in the house after finding signs of sexual abuse, despite there also being signs of domestic violence both mother and step-father were left with full care of the children for a matter of months.

The mother of the children continuually made up stories that gave her the appearance of being the victim, but after being married to her I can confirm that she is a compulsive liar, and perhaps even a psychopath who has no feeling about putting her children in harms way, to the point where months later social services ordered the step-father out of the home but yet the mother worked and lied to social services and he never left the home. They divorced over these issues and were proven to have lied about the fact they were divorced in later proceedings.

Whilst still residing in East Yorkshire I sought out a Solicitor and brought a case to Leeds County Court to take temporary custody of my three children.

The matter became a trial, without there being any arrests, or anyone facing charges in the Magistrates or Crown Court’s.

The children were eventually ordered in to care, without the Court having the proper legal jurisdiction for which I continuually raised the alarm about and was not listened to, and not ever were my views, evidence of facts or statements taken in to account throughout proceedings, but my ex-wife was always treated as a victim.

The children never gave evidence, reports were written, and words were put in their mouths.

Leeds City Council lawyers did deals with my ex-wife and her ex-husbands lawyers, I was informed that they were “horse trading” to keep their three younger children.

In the mean time I was being restricted to monthly one hour access to each of my three children at separate places on separate occassions, very rarely did we meet as a family, but yet my children knew where everything went in each meeting room, and I questioned why, to which I was told that my children were being given weekly access to their step-father, who attended WITHOUT their mother, and this was being facilitated by social services under the guise that the man was a “significant influence” in their lives, they really were not kidding, but facilitating on the basis of friendships and lies above facts that have always been too difficult for many to handle.

I was stopped from seeing my children in February 2010 due to finding evidence that a peadophile ring was in operation in Leeds City Council and declaring that this was this case. Interestingly it was the only time anyone paid any attention to me as I explained my reasoning, I was informed that unless I apologised that access to my children would never happen.

My three children were placed in separate placements, the younger three children to my ex-wife and her now ex-husband were given back to the parents, despite being found guilty of abusing them.

One of my children used to run away regularly from the care home, ‘retrieval’ orders would regularly be hand drawn up by those in authority, and the police would be sent out to search all the homes of the various family members who they might have run to, I happened to catch this on camera and published it on the internet to embarress the authorities involved.

The lawyers carried on having hearing after hearing, making as much money as they could through talking about every detail of the childrens lives and how they were going to be given help, to open up and make full disclosures, this was a commitment made to the court by social services, it never happened. Other commitments made were to explain the dangers of their mothers behaviour this never happened either.

There are failure upon failures that have happened and people who have worked on the case have sought to hide their mistakes which has been easy as they have kept the case held in private, in a secret court called coverdale house in Leeds, a place of tribunal for Police, Ambulance and Fire Services.

I am innocent and have never abused any child, but yet the abusers of my children walk around having faced no punishment for their crimes.

I have been so confident about how wrong what has gone on in the matter of LS07C05752 that I have been active on the internet and in person at activism for justice events to a point where some of what I had worked on remains in place on the internet today, one item of which is a facebook page I made as a spoof due to facebook entries being used as evidence in the miscarriage of justice.

I paid attention to what happened to my family and became qualified in law, certified by publically available case law when I sought a writ of habeas corpus in the Royal Courts of Justice for an elderly man I had come to know that was summarily sent to prison without trial, this was covered by international media at the time, the matter was referred to appeal the following week where Lord Justice Pitchford the President of the Criminal Division released the prisoner on time served.

I attempted to bring my case in various ways to the attention of various people in authority to a point where I placed myself in civil disobedience as declared publically and on record after I made efforts to question the character and decisions made in the matter of LS07C05752 by producing a poster that went viral on the internet, I had my computer equipment seized. In interview with Dewsbury CID, I explained that having been ignored by the system that was supposed to be there to be fair and protect, I hoped that I was now talking to the good guys and that I intended to get myself arrested and up on trial via petty means, to give mitigating circumstances and bring the matter of LS07C05752 in to the correct jurisdiction to be tried under criminal procedure rules.

A few weeks later I had my computer equipment returned, the Officer explained to me that the crown prosecution service had listened to my interview tape, understood what I was attempting to achieve, and decided to drop the matter.

I later found out the Judge in question had retired.

Both I and my family as a whole have sufferred crual and unusual punishments, unnecessarily, as a result of decisions made by agents acting for Leeds City Council.

Since then things have changed with regard to the way I have been treated by the system.

Somehow things these days seem more benevolent than malevolent to a point where I decided it was time to make a decision about coming out of civil disobedience.

I now seek to build relations with those in government to do my bit in the community by creating the situation that a residents association can form.

The residents association has now been formed, we have positive projects on the table for a more cohesive community with investment planned for the area in various projects.

I now demand an apology for personal closure on the matter and equally to prevent others from misinterpreting my previous actions of civil disobedience, as otherwise I would be left with no other option than to seek a judicial review before the Royal Courts of Justice in to the matter of LS07C05752 now held as being in error by way of a properly made and sworn Statutory Declaration.

Honour and Oaths

Only ever take an Oath that is administered to you on your full belief that you know what you are doing is true and honourable, else not knowing as truth, the content of the book you choose to afirm your Oath with, is immediately placing yourself in dishonour of the good you wish to serve.

By the wrong use of the most majestic spell of good contained within the Holy Bible you immediately deceive yourself.

Many people make this mistake in way of vanity, as they wish to appear to fit in amongst their peers.

Job 15:31 KJV

King James Version

Let not him that is deceived trust in vanity: for vanity shall be his recompence.

Conduct your life honourably, or face the consequences.

“We are all equal in Law

12 03 12 Letter from Leeds Magistrates declaring no jurisdiction

Reply from the Leeds Magistrates Courts with regard to the Notice of Fault and Opportunity to cure, stating that they have no jurisdiction, this was expected, but a necessary measure to demonstrate that the Jarvis family have not been dealt with in the correct way and that there has been a mistrial and a fraud that has taken place, at the very least, with Leeds City Council being the accused of the said crimes.

Statutory Declaration

On the 5th of March 2012 a Statutory Declaration was created, sworn on the Holy Bible before a Commissioner of Oaths, then duly served on Sir Norman Bettison, the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police, Tom Riordan, the Chief Executive Officer of Leeds City Council, the Leeds County Court and Leeds Magistrates Court.

Ten days were given for any dispute or rebuttal.