What Has Labour in Leeds Done For You?

There are elections for local councillors in Leeds on Thursday 3rd May 2018 as you may know, however I have to ask you to question the value of voting for Labour.

It is my opinion that there are a majority of people standing for election or re-election who have done nothing and will do nothing in future to benefit their constituents and simply hide behind the clever marketing skills of the Labour party corporate body.

Yes this is the same Labour group in Leeds that has introduced prostitution in the area of South Leeds as the Police claim there is nothing they can do to stop it as they do not have the resources. Instead of Labour sorting out the problem by providing the Police with said resources they just allow it to take place calling it a “managed zone”, but yet there is no management and no organisation putting both the prostitutes at risk and residents alike as it is now common place for normal law abiding women to be approached in the street by men asking for sex, or “business”, and yes in daylight hours and outside the “managed zone”.

When it comes to placing your cross in the box on May 3rd just ask yourself;

  • What has Labour done for you?

  • What does Labour achieve in the grand scheme of running Leeds?

  • Do Labour actually run Leeds Council?

  • Does it actually matter who takes the seat on the Council?

Do not get me wrong there are one or two councillors that actually fly the flag of Labour and stick to their policies, but if you reside in their constituency you will already know that.  If you do not know your councillor as being a good egg so to write, then the chances are they are not.

It is time for change but in order to have that change we need to see a change of leadership in Leeds City Council in both their corporate executive board who are not voted for but appointed, and a change in the people who liase with the the corporation on our behalf, the Councillors. This change should be anything but Labour.

I have never been affiliated to any political party, however in principle I have always supported what Labour advertise as their mission.

For me personally, the penny dropped that Labour are a waste of time when I decided to do something for the area and form a Residents Association as there had not been one in the area where I reside for at least eight years up until that day of 5 October 2016 where as part of a democratic process I was voted as interim chairman of the new organisation.

Initially everything appeared great with three Councillors for the area supporting and attending the initial public meeting and it was chaired very kindly by Adam Ogilvie who is stepping down as a Councillor despite appearing to be the most active and the only one that was prepared to take on a difficult challenge.

What happened in the following weeks was that I had to disband the organisation due to coming under attack from others in the area who are involved in antisocial behaviour and who did not want progress at any cost unless they were in charge, but here is the kicker, they did not want to take charge.

False accusations then followed from nine people in the local area against the Treasurer of the organisation to drive her from the estate, and despite a Police involvement in this where I have it in writing that they investigated my concerns and found substance to my complaint the Labour run council did nothing to hold those to account for making those false allegations which as a result of that meant that I then came under attack myself for supporting the Treasurer with false accusations made against myself and bricks, stones and apples thrown at my home, my pets and myself and again despite a Police involvement the Labour run council did nothing to hold those involved in the antisocial behaviour to account.

On the said estate where both I and my family have resided it is a matter of fact that the Police are in attendance exhausting resources dealing with issues that the Labour run Council should have dealt with as part of their Tenancy enforcement procedures, resulting in the Police being seen on the estate more often than the Ice cream van.

I then looked more deeply in to the issues of the local area and found that the Council had actually breached not only its own Tenancy Agreement for Council Tenants but also it’s own constitution as it failed to abide by the law and as a result I made a Claim to Court that is ongoing due to the fact that the Labour MP for the area Hilary Benn has a constituency case file opened and has to this day taken no such action to remedy the situation and has simply sent correspondence to the Council essentially asking them, the liars if my Claim was factually correct and to this day has done no such due diligence in terms of fact checking to hold the Council accountable for it’s failure which in itself is a failure.

The Labour group in South Leeds know about all the issues raised in the Claim, they know about antisocial behaviour that has been rewarded by those on introductory tenancies involved in such activities being given full tenancies and allowed to do as they please with no penalties and no feedback as the services of Leeds Antisocial Behaviour Team have been withheld from me and others by Housing Leeds.

The Labour group in South Leeds know about the fact that Leeds City Council has worked in partnership with Unity Housing to build new social housing on contaminated land where documents state that if you come in to contact with the land you may experience skin rashes and burning, but instead of sensibly addressing the issues, they have sought to distance themselves and simply turn a blind eye.

The Labour group also know about the fact the Council were removing asbestos from people homes without taking proper safety precautions and exposing the residents to risk of serious harm as there is no such thing as safe asbestos, but again they did nothing.

When it comes down to a good photo opportunity you can guarantee that Labour in Leeds will field their people for that photo, but when the going gets tough all you will ever experience is either silence or excuses and it is therefore my opinion and the opinion of others that Labour in Leeds after years of neglect have had their day, their chance and the only way that things will ever change is if they are not elected again as they have got too familiar with personnel in the Council and constantly fail to hold them to account, because yes, that is their job.

Did I mention that I am disabled? Does it matter? Yes, because as I am treated so unfairly by the system I have to point out to you that when you, any able bodied and able minded person comes in to difficulties and needs the help of Labour, do you honestly believe that you will be treated more favourably? If the answer is yes, then I have been discriminated against, which is actually part of the Claim to Court against the Council as they have targeted my disabilities for speaking out, but I will not be silenced by anyone without remedy to the issues that I have raised.

There is a litany of issues that go beyond what I have mentioned already, including the Council making pleadings to Court that the estate is not in a state of disrepair and then the following two months from that engaging in a 1.26 million pound repairs programme for the estate in utter contempt for Court proceedings, yes Labour know this too and have done nothing.

The Labour run Council Claimed that the Tenancy Agreement for Council Tenants was fit for purpose and then in the following two months from saying this to a High Court Judge actually went and re-wrote the Tenancy Agreement virtually lifting the words from the pages of our High Court Claim and putting them in the new Tenancy Agreement, and yes Labour know this and like all the above have failed to address the issues appropriately.

In short a vote for Labour in any election is a wasted vote. They have a leader like Marmite, you either love him or hate him, a set of individuals that all fight against said leader and that same set of individuals who are happy to be seen at election time but disappear when the going gets tough.