Amazon Prime Do Not Want Your Business

The following is a copy and paste of a live chat with at approximately 11:15am on Saturday 24 March 2018 with a lesson at the end.

Me:I am expecting a delivery today but when I went on UK mail site and put in the tracking number you provided they say my delivery will be arriving monday. I need it today, I understood I was ordering to be delivered today. What can you do for me?

Amazon Prime Do Not Want Your Business
Amazon Prime Do Not Want Your Business
You’re now connected to Mohammed from
Mohammed:Hello Chris , my name is Salman. I’ll be glad to assist you today.
Me:Hello, Salman
Are you looking in to my query?
Mohammed:Yes Chris.
Mohammed:I am checking with your order details and also checking with the tracking details.
Mohammed:Please do not worry I understand that you need them today and I am checking for that as well.
Mohammed:I am trying to check with the UKmail tracking service and the website just wont load.
Me:When I checked their site said Monday, different from your site that I rely on.
Mohammed:Also while checking with your order I see that you have placed the order with Viceroy Bedding . which in my opinion is a great seller.
Me:I am happy if they are wrong, but I am not happy if you are wrong. I have a bedroom at the moment with no bedding and no curtains waiting for this delivery. I hope they do arrive today because I would like to do another room.
Mohammed:How about this, I can help you with the seller contact information you can check if the seller is able to contact the carrier and have it delivered today, I can understand your situation and this would be the best way to have the curtains fitted and your bed covered with the lovely duvet.
Here is Viceroy Bedding’s contact number : 0-149-443-2111
Me:Wait, why should I be contacting the seller. This is bad customer service. I bought the item through you, through prime, you guaranteed a delivery for today through your prime service. The problem is with you. I am dealing with you. I am unhappy at having to do your job. Now I would like to know WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO FOR ME?

Mohammed:I can understand your situation Chris and the item in your order is sold and shipped by the seller , the carrier that was selected for this order was by the seller as well and the carriers best respond to the people who used their service to ship the order. I am sorry if you feel that I was unable to to provide you information. As the item is under Prime , Amazon is helping the seller with the customer service on their behalf and although we (Amazon) are helping with the customer service part . We do not own the item that the saller is shipping and hence would not have an option to replace it . If we did I would have been more than happy to arrange a free replacement with the fastest shipping possible. I had helped you with the seller information based on the nature and reviews for the seller. The seller has been a real help to several other customers and has wonderful reviews.

Me:Forget what you have just said, you have not addressed the issue. Shall I just cancel the order? Is that what Amazon is telling me, I will just cancel and go direct to the seller in future. Because that is the message I just received. You do not want the business.Could you ask a manager to call me immediately please?

Mohammed:I apologize that is never what I meant to convey, We do take responsibility even if its the sellers item. Its just that you wanted the order today itself and it was best that the seller contacted his shipper UKmail to get it done rather than Amazon trying to poke in the business between the seller and the shipper. I can understand that you would like to have a manager call you at this time, If you could allow me another chance I will try having this solved better.
The lesson we can all learn from this is that if you see a product on then look up the seller on google or your favourite search engine and go direct to them for a better service at what will probably be a discounted rate without having to pay for a prime membership.