Open Letter to Angela Gabriel and Leeds City Councillors

My Dear Councillors,

I and other residents today received a letter from you with regard to the Parkwood Estate for which I am very grateful.

My reasons for being grateful are as follows, you have made a number of Claims with regard to the Parkwood estate, unfortunately for you, your legal department has made a number of Claims to the High Court of Justice that contradict your letter.

I have to inform you that the Court case has not ended and there is paperwork in the Court of Appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice with regard to some of what you have written about on your correspondance dated 21st February 2018.

I will be presenting your letter as evidence to the High Court to show that nobody in the Council has a clue or a grasp of the actual facts presented to the Court and in any case it will show that either you have told an untruth, or your legal department has been telling untruths, either way this is not good for your position.

It is safe to say this, from my point of view as a Claimant I say that not only is your correspondance untruthful, but so are the pleadings to Court on behalf of Leeds City Council and we await the decision of the High Court in this respect, however please be aware that whatever the decision is, it will not be a secret and the hearing will be in public and open to the press.

In short the Council and Labour as a whole have failed both I and others that live and have resided in the area.

Best wishes,

Mr Chris Jarvis


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