An Open Letter to Hilary Benn MP and the Labour Party


I have written to you several times over the last few months highlighting a need for intervention, Sir did open a constituent case file and I did originally invite Sir to assist with any publicity that could be arranged with regard to our Claim in the High Court of Justice with regard to the failure of Leeds City Council to abide by either it’s own constitution or the legally binding Tenancy Agreement. Finally I wrote to you on the 15th February 2018 in reply to your correspondence where you did declare that In these circumstances, I am unclear as to what help I can give.”

Unfortunately I have to take this measure of writing this open letter as I, your constituent should not be telling you what you could and could not do, it should be you Sir offering the remedy, however I now inform you in the following text as to the situation, what you could do and why it is important that you act now.

You Sir are a Member of Parliament, voted for by the people, you are in a position of trust and authority and both that trust and authority could be very easily lost as whilst Leeds Central may have been a safe seat for Labour for a number of years due to the blindness of those that declare “I have always voted Labour, I will always vote Labour”, I am not sure that in future you will be able to rely upon this support as Labour in Leeds are being seen by the masses now to be a failure just like the Council itself.

While the Labour run Council put the financial plans in place to spend millions to build a lighthouse in landlocked Leeds for a bid to be a future European capital of culture, despite the impending exit of the United Kingdom from the Brexit vote, and despite the fact that in these circumstances after leaving Europe that Leeds would never be eligible in any case is shocking to say the least, but strongly compounding the waste of public funds is the fact that the Council are exposing law abiding citizens to harm, loss and injury that could be very easily prevented.

Antisocial behaviour is on the increase, but despite having the Council in Court as not dealing with this appropriately and you being aware of the issue, you have done nothing to assist.

In Court we said that the Tenancy Agreement for Council tenants is not fit for purpose, the Defendant, Leeds City Council took the opposite view, but yet in its real world actions and in utter contempt for the High Court proceedings sought to rewrite and amend the Tenancy Agreement taking on board the major points that we raised in the Claim and at much cost to the tax payer, you knew this and you did nothing.

In Beeston on the Parkwood estate, Leeds City Council have partnered with Unity Housing to build social housing, neither complying with planning regulations nor complying with the Tenancy Agreement for Council tenants, with no consultations and the housing being built on contaminated land without informing those affected, you have known about this and have done nothing.

The Council, after making pleadings that the estate is not in a state of disrepair to the High Court, in contempt of the law, actually in the real world were forced by the said action to undertake a £1.26 Million pound makeover for the estate, to essentially put right the disrepair, but again you knew about this and did nothing.

The Council, during the renovation of the estate were removing Asbestos from peoples homes and not informing them, until I took them to task over it, as lets face it, there is no such things as safe Asbestos, you knew about this and did nothing.

I informed you that the decision of the District Judge was in dispute and was being taken to task at the Court of Appeal and that as a result of the above issues and more that it has resulted in me terminating my tenancy, I informed Sir by email on 15th February 2018 that as I am a disabled man and that Sir is in authority that the laws surrounding that authority also applied to Sir too, but again you did nothing.

The Council have spent a considerable sum of money in fighting the Claim in Court as we have pursued this vigorously, Leeds City Council have been forced to spend more and more money as more and more issues have been exposed, but yet still to this day have withheld services with regard to the enforcement of the Tenancy Agreement against those that have meted out the Antisocial behaviour, you know this and have done nothing.

The situation is this, I have been unlawfully evicted given the above circumstances as I cannot tolerate any more and seek permanent alternative housing and all the above and more may be mentioned in any future hearing, and as I did warn Sir, any future hearing in the Royal Courts of Justice would be open to the press and the public, and I did inform Sir that upon any future success of the Claim that those that did not assist would come under heavy scrutiny.

The law says the following and that the Housing Act 1988 (White book, volume 2, page 1130) provides:

(2) This section also applies if, at any time after 9th June 1988, a landlord (in this section referred to as “the landlord in default”) or any person acting on behalf of the landlord in default–

(a) …

(b) knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that the conduct is likely to cause the residential occupier of any premises–

(I) to give up his occupation of the premises or any part thereof, or

(ii) to refrain from exercising any right or pursuing any remedy in respect of the premises or any part thereof, does acts likely to interfere with the peace or comfort of the residential occupier or members of his household, or persistently withdraws or withholds services reasonably required for the occupation of the premises as a residence, and as a result the residential occupier gives up his occupation of the premises as a residence.

You know what is said above because you have had most of the paperwork and therefore you are aware that I have been unlawfully evicted given that in your correspondence of 15th February 2018 you did state “I was puzzled by your references to being evicted as the Council stated in their letter to me that they are not proceeding with this.” You spend too much time listening to those individuals in the Council who present you with untruths and misrepresent the case, and have done nothing to fact check or hold any of them to account.

The Council told you in there response to you about the situation that they would engage with myself and my fellow Claimant to address our concerns, they have not and you have not followed them up, you have done nothing.

I ask what authority you actually have? What can you do? What would you be prepared to do?

Sending a letter is not meaningful or helpful to a constituent in my situation.

I am a disabled man, a man who is registered as a vulnerable adult. Despite being competent to handle my own legal affairs and not being a danger to either myself or others, and being high functioning unlike others with my condition, I was left to fend for myself by the Council, I came to you for help and you left me to fend for myself as well, you did nothing.

Right now it can be said that Sir is in breach of the Equality Act 2010 as I have been treated less favourably than others, especially given the situation. I have health concerns that qualify as “protected characteristics” you know this and have done nothing.

I invite you one last time before any Appeal is heard to do something, anything, and fast.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Chris Jarvis


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