“Leeds City Council an Authority of Inequality”

A writ is being sought before the Royal Courts of Justice to order and direct Leeds City Council to follow the law.

The case is simple and straightforward in that multiple examples may be brought before the Court to show that when it comes to acting as a local authority Leeds City Council has failed in its duty of care.

Recently the Chief Executive of Leeds City Council Tom Riordan said: “Sometimes we don’t get things right and we need to acknowledge that.” after the Council sought an injunction and failed to prevent a public interest news story being published exposing failures.

It is understood that there are tens of thousands of people on the housing waiting list in Leeds alone, people desperate and in need, whilst on the flip side there may be people in social housing who are simply abusing the system whilst Leeds City Council turn the blind eye provided that rent accounts are up to date.

There is no real deterrent in place for tenancy contract breakers and there has become a growing culture of tenants terrorising other tenants in social housing.

Leeds City Council recognises this by instructing tenants to call the Police in, but then the Council fails to enforce the publically available tenancy contract (available here ) with regard to the criminality that has been reported making certain Council estates unsafe places for people to reside.

Equality before the law is both mandatory and paramount. Legal Maxim

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  1. Hope it all turns out well

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